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It doesn’t really matter which part of our industry you are in or what position in our industry you hold...your industry association needs you.  NCTA needs you!!  You do matter and your voice should be heard.  As a member of NCTA you will not only have that voice, but you will get the opportunity to network with 1000’s of members just like you on a local and national level to gather and share industry ideas and solutions.  Our members collaborate daily with their peers to expand their business or pass work or advice to each other.  NCTA members have rights to our World-Class Benefits and Discounts that have been put in place exclusively for NCTA members.  We don’t stop there…  our members get to participate in state and national member directories and enjoy industry specific discounts from our growing list of suppliers and vendors.  NCTA knows that you have choices when it comes to selecting which association to join.  That is why we ask that you take your time when comparing NCTA to the other associations in our industry.  To begin with, take a look at the chart below.  This is something that we are particularly proud of.





Membership truly does have it’s privileges. We recognize that you have problems and challenges in business that at times hampers you from achieving the goals you have set for yourself. That is why NCTA has created a platform that will help you overcome some of those obstacles.

Other members of NCTA have had or are currently having the same challenges that you have. Through a collaborative effort we can all share information and resources to off-set those tough times. All it takes is your involvement and commitment to you industry.

Once you are a member, you can enjoy the countless resources available to you. Reach out and speak directly to individuals and companies that can help guide you through difficult times.

Below is a sampling of what is available to our members. We will continue to search out and find new opportunities of savings and are committed to grow.

Searchable National Directory Listing
  • Display all of your services
  • Searchable by trade and zip code
  • Star rated by your performance
Advocacy – You have a voice
  • National
  • State
  • Local
Financial Solutions (good credit / bad credit) discounted rates in most cases
  • Equipment finance and lease options
  • Capitalization
  • Acquisition Funding
  • Conventional Lending
  • Now Account – contractors get paid within 5 days of invoicing
  • Real Estate lending
  • Construction loans
Legal Services
  • Free consultation
  • Phone in and save 5%
  • National Coverage
Insurance Plans discounted exclusively for NCTA Members (group plans for as few as 3) – compliant insurance plans
  • Business Insurance
  • Workers Comp
  • Discounted Bonding Services
  • Healthcare (compliant) Avg. savings are around 28% - nearly 100 different options
    • Exchange
    • Long-term
    • Short-term
    • Critical care
    • Limited care
    • Vision
    • Dental
    • Prescription
    • And more…again, not available outside of NCTA membership
Human Resources – multiple options from virtual to in-person
  • Access to all compliance information
  • All compliance forms available
  • Deeply discounted employee handbook
  • Online, by phone, or in person
  • Stay up-to-date with changing laws
Industry Specific Discounts
  • Lowe's – Save 5% with Lowe's LAR Contractors Account. Members of NCTA save an addition 2%
  • Discount Waste - save 5% on all containers
  • Sherwin Williams paint – Save 40% with your NCTA Membership
  • Save on tools and ladders
  • Safety Equipment
  • Cabinets
  • Roofing
  • And more
Business and personal discounts – exclusive to NCTA Members
  • More than 280 individual discounts
  • Travel – air, land and sea
  • Food – up to 5 star dining
  • Retail – hundreds of stores nationally including Costco
  • Lodging – up to 5 star accommodations
  • Entertainment Discounts – From movies to Disneyland
  • Office and Home savings
  • Website design and SEO marketing
  • Now Account – gets you paid within 5 days up to $1mm per invoice
NCTA Member Discounts
  • All members receive discounts to NCTA events
  • Education & CE Credits
  • Industry certifications
  • NCTA Certification
  • NCTA apparel and merchandise
Crew Finder – Exclusive to NCTA Members – Crew Finder is a searchable database where constructors of all trades can be listed and searched by other members. Members that want to participate will go through an online credentialing/vetting process to ensure that when another member needs their services, they are compliant and meet the criteria that is being searched.
  • Members receive a free listing
  • Listing becomes live when the credentialing is completed
  • Silver level member or higher can search
  • Crew Finder participants receive a Star Rating based on their performance reviews
NCTA Advantage Program
  • Employee Fringe Benefits Package
  • Discounts and Savings Program
  • Discounted Healthcare
  • 401k
Other Member Services
  • Discounted Lead Services
  • Job Posting
  • Job Board
  • Resume Posting
  • Blog/Message Board
  • Forum
  • Classifieds
  • Discounted Website Services
  • Discounted SEO Services

NCTA is a community that works from within. We require that everyone or company who participates in this program be directly related through membership or sponsorship. Each of the 6 membership levels comes with it's own unique package of benefits. NCTA sponsorships also have 5 levels. Companies that wish to participate in co-branding or certain types of advertising should consider sponsoring. You will notice that we are extremely reasonably priced for the value you receive. We do not put any pressure on anyone to increase their membership but, we do give them options.

Come Join the NCTA family and watch your business Grow!